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When we moved to Alaska, our “plan” was to rent for a year or less, and then find and buy a home, move and settle, done. That was not what happened. After looking for well more then a year, we found some property and started to entertain the possibility of building. Living in a new state, not knowing many people at all, let alone contractors, felt really risky, but we took the plunge, starting doing our research. Enter Josh and Watermark. Josh is dedicated, personable, polite, passionate and hard working. After finalizing the design, we started to watch our vision become a reality under Josh’s direction. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Josh and his team’s attention to detail, responsiveness and just an overall ease in working with them. From day one, my husband and I both were impressed (and continue to be) with the quality of work and craftsmanship in our home. Whether you are considering a full construction build, or even a small remodel, I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend Watermark. You will not be disappointed, I promise you that! Thanks again Josh, Calvin, Rob and all of your crews. You guys are the BEST!